My thoughts on Fable III

After playing Fable for quite some time now I’ve come across some frustrating gameplay functions and how ridiculously time consuming or awkward it makes me feel when I play.

I’ll start off with one of the most recent rants I’ve collected; One of the lead characters ‘Walter’ is carrying a torch through an underground cave system which leads to be extinguished. I like this element of gameplay as it’s creating a claustrophobic reaction to the user, however when I can produce fire from my hands with magic I don’t want to be sitting through a 2 minute cut scene where Walter is voilently trying to re-egnite his torch while I’m sitting in the background mashing B in attempts to aid the poor fellow.

Growing up playing PS2 games in my early teens manual saving became a very useful habit, whereas in Fable 3 (because I play xbox) the only way I can save is to press the home button, exit out and navigate save from that point. There’s no other way (of which I can find) to access the game menu/options!

Remember back in Fable 2, you recieved one of those fantastic quests where a character would ask you to lead them to another town. Yeah those were fun times and easy money, Fable 3 makes me extremely uncomfortable during these quests. I don’t see the need to ‘hold hands’ during these travels, sure it offers us a little emotional incentive towards our fellow man however when I’m a grown man holding another grown mans hand prancing through a forest there’s not much else that can lead the imagination. I’m not against gay relationships or homophobic but does it need to look so camp in the game? So far my royal career seems very… fabulous.

I may point out in the ‘wasting time’ area that interacting with the NPCs seems so uneccessary, I loved in Fable 2 that I could interact and make emotions quickly and easily without hyperlinking into a seperate interface.

All that being said I do like playing the game, most of what I look for in RPG’s is always buying random junk to make my house pretty or upgrading my stats and weapons to 1 hit wonder everything that comes infront of my path. I never played the first Fable however the 3rd is not living up to the expectations I had after playing the second unfortunately.

I expect that whatever is in Peter Molyneux’s head is much more adventurous and the potential to be absolutely fantastic but he doesn’t have the power to express it in words or design for the rest of us to witness.


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