This Killer game is going to be interesting after reading a little about it in pervasive games theory and design book.

Little disappointed in the rules, moreso that i cannot hold around a rolled up sock to use as a live grenade on my victims and that we cannot combine weapons as in soaking  a garrot with poison for bonus points.

As for the ‘golden gun‘ and it’s whereabouts goes, I’m curious to find clues. Our games master has been rather vague about where to find clues however I feel as if searching through the website for perhaps hidden links and making sure to check the notice boards around the Students Union for anything relatable.

In the chance I do get killed, I plan to get my revenge in a side project. I’ll hire out a camera, douse myself in facepaint, track down my successful predator and infect them with a zombie virus. Perhaps handing them a sachet of ketchup, matchbox with a zombie face painted on its cover, I’ll consider this later after I’m inevitably killed.

Unfortunately one player was killed hours after the game was launched, poor guy. link.


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