#IMAKiller strategic play

To keep up with the score that the third years are worth more points than every other year we’d like to adhere to the idea that we should be more competitive or at least unique with our teamwork and documentation.

This is where strategic planning arrived at the table.

Sam Forson has the Golden Gun – as the owner of the GG anyone is entitled to kill him, which in turn has created a very predatory element within the second years to win it back.

Sam and I discussed a plan to thwart anyone after the golden gun in order to delay it’s possession to anyone else, excluding the third years.

The plan was for myself to store a back up kill of Sam, hidden within YouTube as a private video, and be ready for when his inevitable predators kill him for real. Upon being killed, Sam calls to instruct myself  to publically announce the back up kill as a legitimate kill before anyone else can upload their own video. I then tweet the kill as an anonymous killer, predetermining that my identity of the owner of the GG will cause unwanted attention on my part.

Unlike breaking the rules, we are simply twisting the fate of Sam’s inevitable IMAKiller death in order to keep it confined to the third year party.

If you are reading this, Sam has been killed and I’ve obviously been discovered as the owner of the GG, Sam has won the game OR I myself have been killed before the plan turns into fruition.


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