15th Oct Fire shoot update & feedback

The fire performance last weekend that we organised amongst ourselves couldn’t have gone better, my first reactions to the weather weren’t as positive as I had hoped for however it cleared up nicely leaving behind a beautiful sunset that we caught a few photographs of before it fully set.

Our location for the night, White Rocks beach, Portrush.

The people who joined us, even to watch.

Alan Hook & Rachel Hook, Jason Bell & his family, Paul Beattie, Garret murphy, Louise McConnell, Mark Robinson, Paul Blackburn, Paul Russell, Sam Forson and myself.

Some of the feedback from these wonderful people and others:

jasebell RT @jasebell: #phototip If someone says do you want to photograph me with fire, say yes.

jasebell Well tonight was nothing short of a complete privilege…. many thanks to @Lancorz, @alan_hook and all the crew.

alan_hook Great fire manipulation shoot in #portmagic, thanks to @garrettmurphy @jasebell and @paul_beattie for coming down & @Lancorz for organising!

louiseamcc Just showed some of the footage to my stepbrother. He is all impressed.

Stendhalireland Have a look at the amazing pictures @paul_beattie took of @lancorz -who you might have seen at Stendhal http://t.co/RMuHa8JP #tweetni

Photographed by Jason Bell

Featured post on Paul Beatties blog: here

Photographed by Paul Beattie

Short video preview, edited by Mark Robinson:


2 responses to “15th Oct Fire shoot update & feedback

    • You can get some fantastic shots with a delayed shutter speed with fire or any manipulation, I was lucky enough to have great friends to join me on this night and take these fantastic photos and video.

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