Things I like about Skyrim

I should change the title before moving on with this post to ‘things I cussing love about Skyrim’, when I asked the course director for a two week waver to play the game I think I underestimated that timeframe as my whole weekend can only be described in this image:

Here are a few things which I’ve found myself doing.

  • I’m so happy that the jumping animation has been altered so that my character no longer bounces from his toes.
  • Item creation is believable and also fun! I’m happy to spend hours collecting resources, even buying them from others to craft potions or weaponry.
  • Regardless what class you choose it seems that the general gaming community seems to enjoy archery, perhaps because of its newest perks and animations.
  • Chasing butterflies.
  • Sprinting, oh goodness yes. How I have longed for faster travel than walking speed to get away from enemies.
  • Sneaking is functional, I can now successfully hide from NPCs.
  • The many jokes that the game developers have included in the game such as ‘finding Rebecca Black and eliminating her’.
  • Playing tag in Riverwood.
  • Somehow catching fish with your bare hands whilst also fighting off the current of the water as you swim. Who needs fishing poles? pfft!

This is such a small list as to what can be added so I will continually add to this too.

I have however found a few very eerie sights in the game, I attended the college of Winterfold and above my sleeping area was this:

Needless to say I’m not spending all of my time in that college.


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