Video Games in Roe Valley

One of my projects this semester was heavily based on photography (given it was photography), our brief was to create images which shown knowledge in given theory and resources with inspiration from related artists.

After 3-4 weeks of solid research and what seemed like endless theory from Walter Benjamin, Roland Barthes, John Berger, Peter Berger and many others I concluded that my passion for video game design and my hometown would lead me to create a unique project which would include both.

This manipulation from inadawords inspired a project which combined video game iconography into real world environments. What I found interesting of this image was simply that animal cruelty was not implied, yet it created a new base meaning from experience of Space Invaders (1978), a meaning which is only implied to those with similar play experience and a contradictive meaning to those who have zero play experience.

Similar to Benjamin’s writing of Aura (1936), I have made a continious effort attempting not to re-create the Aura, but to create a new meaning from my images completely based on experience earned from outside material not familiar in environment photographs, essentially the unfamiliar within Roe Valley

Boo's workhouse

The most popular image within my gallery has been Boo’s Workhouse, I imagined this to be the most effective as it has the most cultural significance. Boo, who is perhaps one of the most popular video game icons from Super Mario world, and the environment create a meaning distinguished from the experience of Boo, and also the history of the building. I hope that after seeing this image it will change how locals and visitors will also see the building with this implied differential change.

Click here to view the full gallery.


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