#KeyframeFame check inventory

Items to consider bringing, if you have them:

  • Your own laptop.
  • Graphics Tablet.
  • Headphones.
  • Microphone.
  • Media storage.
  • SD Card readers (some laptops have them already).
  • Notepads (gridded work well for scaling & layout).
  • Stationary, anything that will help with planning, scripting, artwork, etc’.
  • Sleeping bag if you decide to nap.
  • Food will be provided by Momentum however bring snacks.

Last but all not least, your imagination. :)


Who is this open to?

Open to any current and past students of Interactive Media Arts, Coleraine. Exceptions will be made for outsiders with permission by the host.

Do we work in groups?

Groups will be assigned on the first day, these groups will depend on participants interests. Anyone who wishes to work alone may do so, however this is also a team building event and I’d like to encourage everyone to work together and produce work as teams as this will help in future projects.

Do I stay for the full 48 hours?

It is not required that you stay, you may enter for 1 day and leave if you need to however it would be beneficial if you decide to contribute for the full 48 hours with your teams. We will be playing movies on the projector and also supplying board games for those to have compulsary breaks from working.




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