#KeyframeFame Information & Resources

With my event Keyframe Fame arriving shortly here are a detailed list of what is required on the duration of the event, requirements for BBC bigscreens and also what can help you to create animations or short movies with very simple techniques.


Event schedule day one:

  • 11:30 arrival
  • 12:00 Introduction, inspiration playlist, Questions
  • 12:30 Teambuilding & brainstorming
  • 13:30 Training in techniques
  • 14:00 Work
  • 18:00 Break, feedback & food run
  • 19:00 Work
  • 23:00 Break, discussion, game
  • 24:00 Work

Day two:

  • 09:00 Breakfast
  • 10:00 Work
  • 13:00 Break, discussion, lunch
  • 14:00 Work
  • 18:00 Food run
  • 19:00 Work
  • 23:00 Break, discussion, game
  • 24:00 Preparations to finish
  • 06:00 Preparation to export & upload

Day three:

  • 09:00 Breakfast
  • 12:00 finish, feedback, discussion, lunch
  • 14:00 Showreel presentation

The start of the event will be organised around teambuilding exercises, understanding the software used, registering student cards for door access and preparing for what’s to come.

To ensure that everyone has work to do and has an understanding of the software we will be holding short essential training methods to students of little experience with animation. Groups will also be assigned to equal those who have a higher understanding with those who are still learning.

It is compulsary for students to take breaks, discuss with others and also have a good time. The big screen will be playing movies for the entire duration and games will be left out for those who wish to play,such as Zombies!!!, Forbidden Island, Monopoly cards, etc’

Second day, BBC Arts Extra will be visiting to interview participants for their show from 12 noon to 1pm

Tutorials & Resources:

Books will be resourced for professional help, computers, white boards, cameras, pens and notepads will be supplied however I do also encourage students to bring their own materials which will help in the production of the animations. Such as headphones, microphones, graphic tablets, glue, scissors, pens, paper, lego, toys etc’.

Also to be considered are basic hygiene, toothbrush & paste, warm clothes, coffee mugs, snacks for breaktime which will be held in the dining room outside A111.

I suggest anyone who hasn’t used or created animations before to check out the resources for ideas and basic knowledge of the software and techniques used.

Can’t wait to see everyone there!


One response to “#KeyframeFame Information & Resources

  1. Lance – a puncture many miles from home delayed me; by the time I walked back to Coleraine from Castlerock, I was in foul form. I am sorry I didn’t make this. Let me make it up to you again.

    Thanks for coming on Saturday night. The crowd loved it, and my seven year old nephew wants lessons. ;-)

    Speak soon – and apologies again.

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