The Keyframe Event

Everything I’ve posted about in the past month excluding the Pokémon post has been all about KeyframeFame. In all it was a very successful event and definately something that I will consider making more of in the future.

On the day itself 10 participants arrived, ready and almost reluctant to share ideas and cross boundaries, after some team building and brain storming ideas, teams were formed based on practical development.

As I had motion graphics in mind using Flash, I knew this would become a project, however what I didn’t expect were the other two developments. I had expected stop motion and perhaps short live video with actors and I really hoped to have a spooky video even though it was a stretch of hope.

One team created an entire video made in Flash and a video editor in their Apple Macbooks using papercraft and the other, Saul Bass inspired – both videos were oddly similar as they delt with growing up and the changes they face, either their childhood dreams or a life threatening illness.

The publicity we’ve had has been remarkable, having an interview with BBC Arts Extra on the second day was not only overwhelming but also a little difficult with the lack of sleep I had from staying up the night before. Our Flickr ablum recieved over 150 views during the first day, maybe nothing compared to other albums but it’s still fantastic considering it’s a small student based event. Derry County Times will also be writing an article which will be released on the 27th January.

Some of my favourite moments during the event:

  • Excitement in my team for the animation we created
  • The absolutely bizarre ideas we had to include
  • Having season one of Hey Arnold! on the big screen
  • Having a dubstep playlist through earphones to keep me awake
  • Monopoly cards
  • Beanbags galore
  • Falling asleep during Mario Kart Double Dash and still placing third out of four
  • Preparing the timelapse videos
  • Excitement and tearing up a little during the presentations

There were definately some awful moments during the time such as being awoke by a security guard to move my car, feeling very sick after the first breakfast meal (think there was something dodgy in the shepards pie) and generally feeling tired. The drive home was not pleasant, once I arrived home I slept for 18 hours…

The three animations that were made have been uploaded to YouTube and will also hopefully be presented on the BBC Bigscreens in Belfast and Derry.


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