Forget Saving Earth (The World is Ours)

A local band and personal friends of mine approached me to design their next upcoming EP cover.

This was my brief:

“We’ve sort of got an idea, but like feel free to put your own spin on it! We were thinking it should be hand-drawn, or that looks hand-drawn PC, and pretty abstract and colourful. I think we’d agreed on something a bit weird like a bear going to eat the Earth, with a the moon in the background, looking a bit like the moon from Majora’s Mask, sort of freaked out and weird. Either that or something like the album cover for Torches by Foster the People, except with wee alien men instead of the figures on the front of it. Basically I think the general stuff we’d like is abstract, colourful, and space-themed lolol Hopefully that gives you a wee bit of an idea!”

Nothing I can’t handle with a bit of planning and after several sheets of paper I ended up in two ideas which were accumulated from the others.

A great responce was for the left image and so I got to work. After a week and a Global Game Jam I finalised on the grand finalé.

If you have the time please check out their fantastic music at their bandcamp, Exit Persued by bear – Forget Saving Earth (The World is Ours)

CLICK HERE for an A3 sized poster of EPBB: Forget Saving Earth (The World is Ours)


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