Revulsive on Carriage

With the past 2-3 months completely dedicated to reading through theory books, filming willing volunteers roaming around Coleraine streets, fighting off HTML nightmares and generally not doing what I’d normally do, like go to the gym or spend all day watching Breaking Bad. My dissertation was very enjoyable and I’ve learned a lot from the past month or two.

Revulsive on Carriage was a fun project to pick up and work towards, it wasn’t anything what I expected it to be in the end, it was even better and I really hope that the participants enjoyed it as much as the survey reported back.

For those who are local and around the Portstewart area, please come to the exhibition opening at Flowerfields Arts Center, 10th May at 7PM. You can meet myself, and my fellow classmates who worked very hard on their own projects.

Alternatively, you can view the summary of the ARG here which explains everything about the project in much more detail with outside links to Blog posts, YouTube videos and Facebook submissions.

I’m very excited to be posting on this blog again.


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