DLC Quest

I recently bought an indie game on Xbox Live after viewing the trailer for it, it’s called DLC Quest, I thought I’d feature it with a small review.

I thought the trailer didn’t explain the game as well as it could have,  however it seemed vaguely interesting to me and at only 80 MS Points I wasn’t bothered about the price, and if the game was bigger with more levels and quests I’d pay more. With the amount of downloadable content being introduced, the game is satire and it pokes fun at the expenditure purchased at the store. Some of the content is definitely useful and adds to the plot however others are a humorous joke towards distributors who release large amounts of unnecessary vanity equipment for your avatars readily available from online stores. You don’t need to play this game long to get the point of it however it’s worth a look for the price and for the perfectionist players it maintains your amusement enough inside a two level game.

To start the trailer shows us that basic features are now downloadable content, features such as pausing the game, animations and music. What it doesn’t tell you is there’s a lot more to it than collecting coins and buying in game DLC. Youstart the game without the ability to turn left, I thought, “this would have been great if you could walk past the merchant and inevitably lose the game from the get go”, however as you walk right you’ve instantly collected enough coins to purchase the full controls and there’s no way of missing it because there’s a path block at the store.

That’s just the beginning, once you’ve explored all there is to offer in the one map, you can return to purchase extra downloadable content which unlocks double jump. Everywhere you’ve already explored is gratuitously expanded and unlocked essentially extra map to be explored! With all the content available to download there’s no reason for you to actually purchase everything, you could play the game without animation, without sound, or without sexy outfits… but you need those, obviously.

Developed by GoingLoud Studios the game brings me back to the 90s playing old Sonic the Hedgehog with it’s misleading hidden map spaces, coin collecting and the bare minimum animations. It’s a witty little game and it’s got a great little idea behind it.


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