Sharp Dressed Men

Finally getting round to one of my more favourite videos.

I taught my buddy how to juggle 5 years ago in 2007, back then we were training in the garage with anything light enough to throw, dropping everything and chasing after it, I was beginning to learn Mills Mess and he was determined to manipulate two objects with one hand, many evenings were had sipping on a few cans of Harp, listening to Tool and throwing balls at each other. Come to think, perhaps the Harp didn’t contribute to our successes.

Skip forward a year and during our time working for an entertainment company (basically standing at bouncy castles) we started to gain an interest in Diabolo, Clubs and Stilt walking. We mastered the 3 ball routine, now we needed something a little more challenging and equally rewarding. Skip forward another year or two, he’s living in Belfast training with the pros at the Belfast Circus school and I’m travel ling across the country from Omagh, to Banbridge and Portrush. Performing for wide audiences, throwing around tricks we never thought we’d ever think about practicing never mind perform to an audience.

2008 I began university, still performing on weekends and holidays. He was in Belfast still training with the pros, and getting good at it too. I slowly stopped performing for audiences due to commitments in university however he rose up the ladder beginning to train the pros at their own game. It’s safe to say he’s likely up there on the same level, if not, he’s close enough. Here I am recording and designing for the North when I can. This summer I got to record two of their shows for them as a performance show reel of what they offer and you can see it here…

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