Mallory, an Animation

This was produced in first year of my University degree, the brief was to create an animation to show that we had learned various features the software offers. Features such as motion tween, keyframe animation, frame by frame animation, library management, timeline control, music integration etc.

I spent over two months producing Mallory, from initial sketching on paper to actually pinning up sticky notes behind my door as storyboards. I spent countless hours in the Roe Valley country park in my hometown taking photographs and sketching ideas for backgrounds, listening to the echoing calls of nearby creatures in the woodland and the roaring water crashing against the rocks as the winter snow had just melted. I stayed up late at night drawing on the laptop backgrounds to pan across the stage watching endless episodes of Friends and Peep show.

Most common memory I have of this piece is my Vista laptop barely able to run flash, overheating every half hour because I was sitting in bed drawing and not thinking about the consequences. This is one of my favourite pieces I’ve created and despite it’s subtle topic of bullying and depression, it still cheers me up to remember the production of  it.


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