Home: a unique horror adventure


Home is a beautiful, short, indie, horror, interactive story which changes depending on the events you uncover. I bought this game for £0.67 on Steam winter sale (normal price £1.99) on a whim as it looked interesting, normally I don’t have the patience for these types of games however this game kept me on edge for roughly an hour (which is the average play time). The sounds I can recognize from various royalty free sources although during the play they made the atmosphere and honestly made me jump a few times. I kept expecting a horrific end on the other side of each door or stairway.

The game resembles an Alan Wake (2010) feel as you explore an area with only a torch to keep yourself alert, there are various items within the game such as a gun, knife and ID etc which are only used for storytelling purposes. Each renewed play through can reveal a completely new story depending how you interact with different objects and events. If I have to give any spoilers – it’s not an action game, or a game necessarily… it’s a story to uncover. You are the main protagonist on a mission to find out what has happened to the simple life that you once lived. My first play through had elements which reminded me a lot of James Cann’s Double Indemnity (1943)

I did enjoy this experience, I only wish it hadn’t glitched a few times on the sounds although I will likely expect to play this later to uncover more adaptive storyline.

You can purchase it on Steam or view the Webpage alternatively follow the story on Twitter with the hashtag #Homehorror


One response to “Home: a unique horror adventure

  1. The art style looks similar to the indie game Sword and Sworcery. Not sure if I could play this game just because I get so jumpy with horror types. The game Limbo even had me playing with the lights on haha.

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