Global Game Jam 2013 Coleraine, NI


Over the weekend Sam, Adam and I participated in Global Game Jam. 48 hours to create a fully functioning game to a specific theme released at 5PM on Friday 25th January. I also filmed the event as it went, collecting all the small struggles and epic wins we achieved over the weekend. Please watch this little documentary, like, share and hopefully you will enjoy and relate to our weekend, we certainly had a lot of fun participating in this world wide event for the 3rd year in a row.


4 responses to “Global Game Jam 2013 Coleraine, NI

  1. I really want to be a part of a GGJ this year but they never seem to have one in Southern California -____- You mentioned in your video that “people don’t really understand how Game Jams work.” Maybe you can post an article about the step by step process or what specific steps/ timeline you guys have for those 48 hours. I think it would really help people like me out that are just starting to design games.

    • Hi Charlie, If there are no spots in your area you could host next years one perhaps? :) I’m just after another similar event about animation so I could maybe post up the presentation of the timeline also.

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