September work

Last year I worked on a project designing a full website layout, presentations and advertising. I worked on this for a month straight, every day from 9 to 5, sometimes even 11pm at night. Yet, to this day, I’ve still not been paid for all this work. I figure now is the best time to display what I’m capable of in a commercial area.

All advertisements, logos, branding and images are used as prototype design, all rights are to their respective owners. Name has obviously been changed, however all design belongs to me. Photographs sourced from Flickr & Google Images.

index new

Index page, shown header, log ins, social networking options, each image within the Gallery space would represent the featured image of each article posted. Sponsors and site map shown on footer.

about new

About shows content similar to Index however will provide certain information about the site, their authors and what it represents.

article-feed new

Article Shows a running feed of each article category you are subscribed to, such as rugby, nutrition, blog spots, skateboarding, etc’. Also showing your profile options, updating, inbox, settings, advertisement and recent forum posts.


Video Article, shows a video documentation, showcasing latest news, sports or nutritional information, allowing comment feedback, related articles, sharing and advertising options.

profile new

Profile shows your own profile, badges you have earned, calander reports and your own submitted images for gallery. This also shows you a points earning which was created to offer discounts on sporting goods and events.

SHOP new

Shop use your points for discounts on sporting goods.


Leaderboards offering audience a competitive response to interact with the site, exercise and buy goods from store. Weekly and Monthly featured members.

Each page was created by designing web assets first, this allowed me to simply drag and drop each asset to each page in rewards for myself to easily edit the content around the layout, very similar to CSS in web design. As shown in the image below.


Each asset, created in PS first, saved as a template to design inside the layout of each page as shown on the right.

Despite having very poor business relationship and not getting paid for the month of work provided, I feel this is one of my strongest designs to date and what I am capable of in various areas of design.


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