#LoveStendhal 2013

In the past few weeks I’ve been down at the Stendhal farm painting and helping out as much as I can despite living a little farther away this year, if you’re coming to the festival keep an eye out to spot the signs I’ve painted this year. If you’ve still to get a ticket, you can find them at http://www.stendhalfestival.com

We hope to bring along the slacklines for North Coast Slacklining, come along and test out your balance if all the art and Stendhal syndrome is too much for you!

There are some amazing attractions coming to the festival this year and some great bands I hope to see also, if you have kids or even if you don’t it’s a great place for everyone and truly a tradition that will hopefully become legend as time goes on in the Roe Valley area.

Here are a few of the signs I’ve painted this year.

603057_10153042643525562_496720114_n 971392_10153042647555562_2053104846_n 1044888_10152970833185562_1493761817_n 1075822_10153039284295562_675173826_n 1170659_10153086960225562_125936411_n a6c8463af63a11e29b8d22000aaa0a64_7 ceb3153af6e911e2ae2622000a1fb7e1_7


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