Recent Activity

I’m going to attempt posting here a little more often with other things such as inspiration, old and current projects I’m working on. I’ve had the pleasure of keeping busy the past few months with bigger projects which are finishing up now but they have been difficult to share on the blog and on Facebook.

I’ve made videos and projects always with the intention to make others feel better, to engage an issue or to promote a local company, one of my videos are now on the #2 page of Youtube when searching for ‘Limavady’ which has been a long term goal to achieve at least one of them to #1 instead of fights, parades or football. It’s not necessary and I hate to push my content on others but if you do enjoy my content, I would really appreciate sharing it.

This is a video I produced a few years ago using ONLY tools available from Youtube such as their editor and creative commons, it’s nice to look back and think about taking your time and truly memorizing the connections and special times you’re having right here and now.


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