30 Second Challenge

During two days DSLR training with Philip Bloom we were asked to create a 30 second video from something completely mundane and boring, yet make it interesting. As far as I could tell, floors are usually pretty boring unless you’ve got a few markers or chalk.

As we were in the university, I decided to check out the sports halls to see if there were any basketball hoops around as I had a quick idea to make something sports orientated for my ‘floor’ theme. As there was I instantly thought of Nike Air shoes, and how I could advertise a brand with, essentially… nothing.

After 2 minutes bringing up the idea, 20 minutes planning, 5 minutes waiting around for kids to finish up their sports activity and 10 minutes shooting before I had to leave, I managed to come up with this:

I would have liked to have shot the first hall room again handheld as I think it could have come across a little more energetic although in certain aspects I’m pleased with the result, it got across what I wanted and without seeing any product, subconsciously the viewer more than likely knows what the product is anyway. Think of all the cologne and perfume ads, some of them make no sense but you still understand it. This is what I attempted with shoes.

That said the feedback I got was extremely critical, some unnecessary as why I filmed in 720 and why not any sound effects after the ball went through the net which was fair, I hadn’t thought of it or had time to mimic the sound effect at the time. Coming from 3 years learning and abiding by the sign, signified and signifier I figured it would be very easy to suggest what goes on in the scene without having any subject matter in view and using sounds as the main focus. The feedback was helpful and I learned a lot during the two days, I had plans to get a new lens when money comes in and this has answered questions I had previously. I also learned things that weren’t covered in the training, like paying £10 for a bucket load of black jack and refresher candies to last two days. That’s an awful lot of sweets.


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