Here is a near complete list of all the video work I have produced in the last few years, in no particular order.

KeyframeFame: Breakfast Special

Nerf Gun shootout

Creative Commons: Take your time

Product Placement: Tetley

Sharp Dressed Men

Shanti Fashion: JJJohnstonRainbow

The Butterfly Cabinet trailer

F.MacCool Products: CandlesSimulated Stone

NW Fire Performance: Chapter 1Chapter 3

Revulsive on Carriage: Trailer –  Live Trail

Stendhal Festival: Panda Lovin’Panda vs PerformersPreparations

Carrowmena: Raft buildingAdrenalinAction

Man Vs Food: Permission required.

Come Dine with Us: Permission required.

Slackline: Slackline SaturdayStrand

Movember: 2012

A Dementor’s Hallowe’en

Animation: Mallory

Discussing Accents: In development


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